New Film Production Company Opens To Share The Gospel Of Jesus

Arise Creative Films, a film production company in Selma has officially opened.

Jason Bullock, owner of Arise Creative

Arise Creative Films is the brainchild of Jason Bullock, an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker that has spent the past decade producing films and videos for a variety of clients. But during that decade, Bullock has been dedicating his life to fulfill his ultimate calling, which is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through film.

“The Great Commission given to Christians by Jesus tells us to tell the world about him. With videos being dominant in this day and age, I can’t think of any other way to carry out that commission,” Bullock says.

Arise Creative Films has three purposes; to produce short films known as mini-movies that churches and other Christian organizations can use to enhance their sermons, to produce full length feature films to reach people, and to help educate those who produce church videos so they can produce better videos. Bullock says that just because he’s producing films about Jesus, don’t expect it to be “family friendly”.

From left: Grace Schupp, David Long and
Matthew Gilley starring in one of the mini-movies titled, “Man vs. Wife”.

“When Jesus was on Earth, he caused a lot of controversy. He didn’t care if the church crowd of that day approved of his methods. He had a mission and so do we,” says Bullock. “While some of our films might be ‘family friendly’, expect a lot of what we make something you wouldn’t expect from a typical Christian film production company. The time for Christians to play it safe is over.” Bullock also says that he hopes that a new renaissance of Christian films and art happens soon that pushes the boundaries but will reach the lost.

To see what mini-movies are available, you can visit