New State Laws Take Effect December 1st

Several new law takes effect on Thursday, December 1st.

Starting today (Thursday) state law requires cyclists riding between sunset and sunrise to have a light on the front of their bike that can be  seen at least 100 yards away, and to have a red lamp or mirror on the back of their bike.

Sheyenne’s Law will increase the penalty for impaired boating resulting in serious injury or death.

A bill passed by the NC House begins today increasing penalties for persons who trespass in foreclosed properties. Trespassers or “squatters” will face stiffer penalties for creating or presenting false documents of title to the home.

Beach bingo operators must now have licenses to operate bingo games. The SBI is authorized to charge and collect a licensing fee. It is now a criminal offense for the operators not to have a state license.

House Bill 287 is now law. It improves consumer protections and transparency to motor vehicle maintenance and repairs and long-term care insurance.

Changes have been made to tweak the bail bonds and collections agency laws along with criminal medication rules.

A provision of the NC Farm Act of 2016 also takes effect today giving regulatory relief to the agricultural community.