New State Laws Take Effect Today

A number of new state laws take effect today.  About 15 pieces of legislation approved by the NC General Assembly earlier this year take effect December 1st.

There is a new law specifically for the criminal offense of damaging, destroying, removing or tampering with fire trucks, fire equipment, ambulance, or EMS equipment.

A new law will help prevent persons from being photographed, videotaped or recorded without their consent from having his or her image disclosed.

Brittney’s Law will add domestic violence homicide in the statues for first and second degree murders.

House Bill 224 becomes law today requiring court officials to conduct a warrant check of all inmates in custody. While this is normally standard procedure, the background warrant check is now a law.

Synthetic fentanyl, designer hallucinogenics, and certain depressants have been added to the list of controlled substances in NC. Under the same measure, a Task Force will be created by the state to consider sentencing reforms for opioid drug convictions.

Human trafficking laws will be strengthened, increased penalties for certain crimes committed by known gang members, minor changes to the state building code, increased penalties for retail theft, and regulations on unmanned motor vehicles on public highways are all new laws.