Officer Crashes Car Responding To Robbery

A Smithfield police officer escaped injury after crashing his patrol car into a light pole while responding to an armed robbery at Domino’s Pizza around midnight Sunday.

Officer W.T. Faircloth was conducting a building check at Deacon Jones Auto Park at 1115 North Brightleaf Boulevard when he was dispatched to the robbery about three blocks away.

As Officer Faircloth turned his 2011 Dodge patrol car around in the parking lot to proceed towards the robbery his cruiser collided head on with a light pole in the parking lot of Deacon Jones Auto Park.

According to an accident report, the policeman was traveling at 15mph at the time he struck the utility pole.

Officer Faircloth was not injured. Damage to the patrol car was estimated at $2,000. Damage to the light pole was placed at $400.

No charges were filed by Lt. T.W. West who investigated the crash.



    • You have no idea what your talking about. Cops get in wrecks all the time. Nature of driving for a living. The more your behind the wheel, the more likely you are to have a crash. Bus drivers, Uber drivers, cops, Troopers, truck drivers anyone who drives for a living tosses the dice each day, you cannot avoid the odds. Toss in being a cop, being distracted, trying to catch bad guys…happens more than you know….and he or she will get alcohol and drug tested as routine..

  1. It really does get VERY busy in the drivers seat of a patrol car. Sooner or later an officer will be overloaded at a crucial moment and will have an accident. For this one…Im grateful that no one was injured…There wasn’t significant property damage to anyone elses property. If you’re just looking for something to be upset about thats easy. Go find what happens if the officer had rammed your 2017 high end sports car…and you have a dozen witnesses that all saw him do it and even testify that they think he did it on purpose.

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