Officer Lashawn Scarboro Receives Oath

SMITHFIELD – Newly hired Smithfield police officer Lashawn Scarboro received his official Oath of Office February 1st by Mayor Andy Moore.

Officer Scarboro was joined by his girlfriend and their daughter for the ceremony during the Smithfield Town Council meeting.

Scarboro was hired by the Town and sent to Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) at Johnston Community College in Smithfield. He joins the agency with no prior law enforcement experience.

He will fill an existing patrol vacancy.


  1. Congratulations, Officer Scarboro, best of luck and thank you for serving!

    Hopefully with another officer on the force Smithfield PD will be able to start enforcing traffic laws again. The speeding in our neighborhoods and running traffic lights and stop signs without even slowing down is getting ridiculous. Our streets need to be kept safe! You need to make your presence known and start handing out citations. As it is, there’s absolutely no deterrent for those that are breaking the traffic laws within the city limits of Smithfield! Our State Troopers and Deputy Sherriff’s write more citations in Smithfield than our own police department.

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