Over 40 Officers Conduct Search For Missing Man

On Tuesday, over 40 law enforcement officers from the Benson Police Department along with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, area sheriff’s offices and other law enforcement agencies conducted another detailed search for Christopher “Cole” Thomas in the Town of Benson.

The search for Cole has combined resources and manpower from State, County, and municipal law enforcement agencies from Benson and our surrounding communities.

Since the 22 year-old man was reportedly last seen in Benson on November 25th, the Benson Police Department and its partners have been conducting a continuous search for Christopher Cole Thomas.

This is believed to be the last known photo of Christopher “Cole” Thomas taken in a convenience store on November 24, 2016, one day before he was reported missing in Benson. Police did not disclose the location of the store. A search took place in Benson on Tuesday involving 40 law enforcement officers looking for the missing 22 year-old Florida man.

Town officials said the disappearance of the Florida man was still ongoing and more information would be released as it becomes available.

In a press release, Town Manager Matt Zapp stated, “If you live in the Benson area, we request that you continue to search your personal buildings, land and grounds for anything suspicious.”

Anyone who may have seen Cole Thomas  or who may have information regarding his location is asked to contact Chief Kenneth Edwards or Captain Greg Percy at the Benson Police Department, at 919-894-2091.  Information may also be emailed to the Police Department, using crimeline@bensonpd.org.