Over Half Of All Registered Voters In Johnston County Have Cast A Ballot

91,615 total votes received in Early and Absentee voting

The Johnston County Board of Elections has released early voting numbers for the 2020 elections. When early voting ended on Saturday, Oct. 31st, a total of 76,658 people had cast a ballot in person at one of the seven early voting sites in Johnston County.  That is almost 40 percent higher than 2016 when 54,888 people voted early.

This year, Republicans outvoted Democrats in early voting.  33,970 Republicans cast an early ballot compared to 20,638 Democrats and 21,514 unaffiliated voters.  Women also outvoted men.

In addition to the 76,658 early votes, the Board of Elections has (as of today) received 14,724 absentee ballots, 130 Military, and 103 overseas ballots.

Combined, 91,615 votes have already been cast before Election Day, Nov. 3rd in Johnston County.  Of that number, 37,562 of the votes have been cast by Republicans, 26,883 by Democrats, 26,528 by unaffiliated voters, 531 by Libertarians, 25 by Green Party voters and 86 by other independent voters.

Elections Director Leigh Anne Price said a total of 143,712 people are eligible to vote in the Nov. 3rd elections. That means nearly 57% of all registered voters in Johnston County have voted.

All 36 voting precincts in Johnston County will be open Nov. 3rd.   Mail in votes (postmarked by Nov. 3rd) will continue to be accepted through Nov. 12th.  The Johnston County Board of Elections will certify the 2020 election results on Nov. 13th.