Overby Loses Reelection To Selma Town Council

Selma Town Councilman William Overby lost his bid for re-election to the town board and also his write-in campaign for Mayor.

First term councilman William Overby, who was on the ballot for his second term on the Selma town board, but was also encouraging voters to write-in his name for Mayor, didn’t win either seat on Election Day.

Five candidates were seeking the two seats up for election on the town board.

Mayor Pro Tem Jackie Lacy won the first seat with 240 votes followed by Ann Williams with 171 votes. Overby finished third with 150. He was followed by John Radford with 63 votes and Eric Jackson with 49, in unofficial results from the Johnston County Board of Elections.

Selma Mayor Cheryl Oliver handily won her reelection campaign with 288 votes. Town Councilman Tommy Holmes received 47 votes. Timmy Wayne Strickland received 9 votes even though he withdrew from the race recently. There were 46 write-in votes for mayor.



  1. I think people who live in the ETJ of a town should be allowed to vote in the election. Their decisions affect us also. Congratulations to the winners of this election. Good people won and good people lost. Mr. Overby has worked hard for the town and did a great job on the town council. He will be missed. .

    • I’m two months late since this just now popped into my News Alert but yes thank you Rose! As long as government has any authority over a person and their property, said person should be able to hold those in authority accountable by voting for them and also to be able to run in those elections. I’ve tried to express this concern to both Larry Stickland and Rick Horner but they have both ignored me completely on this issue.

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