Parent Arrested After Bringing Gun Onto School Campus

A parent is accused of bringing a gun onto the campus of a local elementary school.   WTSB News has learned the incident occurred last Friday at West Smithfield Elementary School. 

Kenneth-Bryan-Smith-II-FIAccording to the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy was called to the school around Noon following a custody dispute between the mother and father of a child who attends the school. 

The deputy said when he saw the father open the door to his car, he spotted a weapon in the driver’s side door pocket.   Kenneth Bryan Smith II, 27, of Blount Street, Smithfield was taken into custody at the school.

Smith was charged with possession of a weapon on educational property, a felony offense. He was also arrested for carrying a concealed gun, which is a misdemeanor.  He was later released on bail.

Smith reportedly did not threaten anyone with the weapon.