Parent Of Special Needs Student Arrested After Incident At Bus Stop

A parent who allegedly refused to allow his child’s school bus to leave a bus stop in front of his home Monday morning has been arrested.

The incident happened around 8:15am on Princeton-Kenly Road outside of Kenly.

That’s when a Johnston County public school bus stopped to pick up a special needs child from the home of Richard Dee Williams.

Williams accompanied his child to the bus when an altercation ensued with the driver.  The driver reportedly claimed Williams, 49, was standing in the doorway and refused to move to allow the door to close.

Williams allegedly claims the driver thought the child had urinated on himself and requested to look into the special needs students pants to see if he had wet himself.  Williams claims he told the female bus driver she could not look into the child’s pants but did so anyway.

Johnston County deputies responded to the scene and the bus was allowed to continue its route.

A warrant was issued for Williams and he was arrested Monday afternoon and charged with trespassing-impeding a school bus, a misdemeanor.  He was released from custody pending a court appearance.

No injuries were reported.


  1. It’s a disgrace that a brain damaged disabled man who is the babysitter of this child, NOT the parent, was arrested for looking out for the child’s best interest. Since when is it ok for a bus driver to humiliate a child in front of other students on a school bus. The bus driver should be suspended.

    • I totally agree with ms. Williams. If was my child I’d done the same thang and the bus driver probably wouldn’t be able to drive anymore after I got done. But there is 2 sides to every story,so unless we were there…we can only go on what we read.

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