Parking Lot Dispute Injures Man, JCSO Says

CLEVELAND – A 51 year-old Johnston County man was beaten during a dispute with a stranger. It happened Friday night shortly after 7:00pm in the parking lot of Food Lion at 75 Glen Road, off Highway 42 in the Cleveland community.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office said the victim parked his car and began to walk inside the grocery store when he was approached by an unknown male, who claimed the victim nearly struck him with his vehicle in the parking lot. A verbal dispute ensued between the two men.

The victim told deputies he turned to walk away when he was attacked by the suspect, who reportedly punched the victim repeated in the face and head. The suspect jumped into a vehicle and fled.

The victim sustained a severe laceration and broken facial bones.

Detectives are working to identify the suspect.


  1. The problem that I see myself is that you are pulling or backing into a parking spot and people will not stop to let you in. I know that the people walking has the right a way but what would it hurt to let a person in. I hope they get the man who did the beating and he will be have his own lesson in court.

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