Paycheck Mistake: School Teachers Asked To Return Money

Several Johnston County school teachers have been asked to return a portion of their July paychecks.  The amounts range from $2,703.92 to $4,086.28 per teacher.  The reason, they were overpaid.

Following a news tip, JoCoReport reached out to public school officials for answers.  Administrators tell us a “computer error” caused six school teachers to be overpaid.  The teachers were notified of the overpayments and asked to voluntarily return the money as soon as possible.

Officials said the teachers were paid in June for additional summer work. Due to the “computer error” they were paid a second time in July for the same work.

“The payroll department is an experienced team who works diligently,” said Johnston County Schools Public Information Officer Dolores Gill. “When a computer flag was shown to not have turned off to authorize this payment, it was discovered, but not in time before the direct deposit payments went to individual banks of the employees. Therefore, these individuals were immediately notified that this had occurred and the amounts would post in their accounts.”

The overpayments were made to the six teachers in the Career and Technical Education Program.

“Since funds are direct deposited into individual employees’ accounts, a communication to the employees was required,” Mrs. Gill said. “The department appreciates the cooperation and understanding of these employees who are valued for their dedication to the district.”