Pet Adoption Fee Change To Encourage Spay/Neuter

New Fee Includes Spay/Neuter

SMITHFIELD – The fee to adopt a dog or cat from Johnston County Animal Services will cost a little more up front but  will actually be cheaper for new pet owners. Officials hope it will encourage more people to adopt a dog or cat at the county animal shelter. Here’s how.

Previously, the adoption fee was $65.  The fee included a $50 refundable deposit once you provided proof your pet was spayed or neutered.   The average spay/neuter cost is $250-350 so the deposit only covered a small portion of the actual cost.

On October 5th, county commissioners approved a new animal services fee schedule that increased the adoption fee to $125.  The new $125 fee now includes a $100 voucher to fully cover the cost to have your pet spayed or neutered at Quality Care Animal Hospital in Four Oaks.  There is no additional out of pocket expense.

“The voucher will cover one hundred percent of the cost (at Quality Care Animal Hospital). It’s a really good deal.” said Johnston County Animal Services Director Chad Massengill.  “If you go to most veterinarians you are looking $250 to $350 to get an animal spayed or neutered today.  Or you can chose to use the veterinarian of your choice, send us proof, and the County will reimburse you $100.”

Mr. Massengill said Johnston County Animal Services has reached out to all veterinarians in Johnston County asking them to participate in the voucher program.  So far only Quality Care in Four Oaks has signed up but believes more veterinarians will once they see how popular the program is becoming.  “It’s been working really really good.”

The remaining $25 of the $125 adoption fee helps covers the cost the Animal Shelter pays for rabies and vaccine shots plus a microchip before you adopt your pet.  Massengill said Animal Services actually loses money but it’s worth it to have a family adopt a pet from the shelter.

Also this week, Animal Services did implement a new Multiple Offender Reclaim Fee of $50.  Mr.  Massengill said this is primarily for pet owners who allow their animals to roam free within the city limits and are picked up frequently by city animal control, sometimes on a weekly basis.  By charging a fee, he hopes this will encourage repeat offenders to keep their animals contained.

Other animal shelter fees remain unchanged, including:

Rabies vaccinations  $5
Rabies non-compliance fee  $100
Rabies quarantine fee (10 days) $75
Animal cruelty fee $500 per offense
Dangerous dog violation $500 per offense
Boarding fees (dogs) $5 per day + incidental expenses
Boarding fees (horses) $10 per day + incidental expenses
Annual dangerous dog registration fee $100
All other ordinance violations:
$100 first offense, $200 second offense, $300 third offense