Pine Level Wants Ownership Of 70 Johnston County Water Taps

Pine Level Mayor Jeff Holt (standing at podium) and Engineer Dan Simmons answer questions from Johnston County Commissioners. Mayor Holt and the Town of Pine Level want to take over ownership of 70 Johnston County water taps serving customers in their ETJ. Photo

The Town of Pine Level wants to take ownership of 70 water taps in the Brogden Water District, currently served by the Johnston County Public Utilities Department.

Mayor Jeff Holt appeared before County Commissioners on June 5th seeking approval for the takeover. Holt says the Town of Pine Level has about 100 customers they serve in their ETJ with water service. The county has about 70 additional water customers within Pine Level’s ETJ that are part of the Brogden Water District.

Mayor Holt said informal discussions had been underway for several years with the County and he would like to negotiate an agreement for Pine Level to take ownership of the 70 county water taps so the Town will serve all customers within their ETJ.

Holt was joined by Town Engineer Dan Simmons for the presentation and request..

Holt said Pine Level is one of only two cities that produces water in Johnston County. They are planning a $3 million investment to upgrade water and sewer service including drilling a new well this summer. The existing well produces between 125,000 and 150,000 gallons per day. Holt is optimistic the new well can produce as much water when completed in about 60 days.

If so, it would double the water output and Holt said Pine Level would like to sell the excess capacity to Johnston County to serve customers in eastern Johnston County.

Holt promised county commissioners if Pine Level was allowed to take over service to the 70 customers in the Brogden Water District and within their ETJ, the customers would pay no more for water service than they are currently being billed, possibly less.

Commissioners took no action on the mayor’s request.