Polenta Students Get Hands On Heart Science Lesson

Polenta Elementary Science Olympiad team members and volunteer (from left) Ethan Mulcahy, Jason Clapp, Thad Duncan, and Adalie Perez dissecting sheep hearts to learn about the circulatory system.

Polenta Elementary’s Science Olympiad Team got a hands on lesson about the heart after studying the circulatory and respiratory system over the past several months.

Students have been learning about the different parts of the heart and how it works. They put their knowledge to the test by dissecting sheep hearts during their weekly after school Science Olympiad Team practice.

The students took their knowledge they gained through models and diagrams of the heart and applied it to a real life, hands on experience. While they dissected the heart they labeled and named its different parts, and discussed how blood flows through the heart.

“This is a wonderful experience for these students,” said Thad Duncan, a volunteer who works with the Science Olympiad Team. “I am so glad I am able to participate in this event as a volunteer.”

The team will compete on March 19, at the NC Science Olympiad Tournament which is hosted by Four Oaks Elementary School.