Police Captain Retires

Smithfield Police Captain Tommy Choe retired on Tuesday.

Choe served his entire law enforcement career with the Smithfield Police Department. He started in 1988 as a patrol officer and served in that capacity until 2002 when he was promoted to sergeant. In 2006 he was named a lieutenant and in 2015 a captain until his retirement on Jan. 31st.

Choe was named the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year in 1993 by the Smithfield Jaycees.

“I enjoyed it,” Captain Choe told WTSB News. “Obviously this is the only place I worked (in law enforcement). It is home. I have a lot of friends here. I wanted to start and finish my career here.”

Choe says he will miss his friends on the police force and members of the community.  He said he was surprised to see four former Smithfield police chiefs show up for his retirement reception on Tuesday.

He has no immediate plans but does want to continue to work.  Until he lands a new job he will be spending time restoring his classic 1962 Corvette.

Choe is married to his wife, Michelle. He has two stepchildren, Lana and Cobi.