Police Chief Approves Protest Permit For Supporters Of Clayton High Principal Bennett Jones

On Wednesday, the Town of Clayton announced that Police Chief Blair Myhand has approved a new protest permit for a gathering on Thursday, Aug. 22nd at Town Square.

The permit was requested by Anita Bland.  Is the same protest permit previously sought at Town Square but it was withdrawn by the applicant, a Johnston County Schools employee, who had expressed concern about their employment.

Bland’s applicant requests a “Gathering for Clayton High School Students Parents Stakeholders and Community Members” on Thursday from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.  The intent is “to have a safe location to gather peacefully for the purpose of expressing support for Dr. Jones through fellowship and to bring attention to the community’s efforts to get him reinstated.”

The Clayton Police Chief approved the protest application with a few conditions including: allowing attendees to speak from a truck bed using a bullhorn throughout the event for the purposes of speeches, chants, cheers and rallying cries; music can be played from parked vehicles; attendees may bring their own precooked food and games; attendees will remove all trash and debris; no loitering on streets or impeding traffic; signs and flags will be allowed but not displayed from moving vehicles for the purpose of cruising around Town Square; and food trucks, alcohol and weapons are banned from the gathering.

Organizers anticipate 1200 people will be in attendance of the protest at Clayton Town Square.