Police Department Temporarily Stops Answering Calls

The resignation of the police chief in the small town of Micro has caused some temporary problems.

Micro Police Chief Frederick Hendren recently turned in his two week notice. His last day on the job was last Friday, April 27th.  He was the Town’s only full-time police officer.

Also resigning from the force were two of the four part time officers, Rayne Biggs and Mike Bryan.

Officials did not say why the three officers resigned.

The two remaining part time officers are not working because a schedule was not filled out for the month of May before Chief Hendren left, according to the town clerk.

The Town of Micro is accepting applications for a new police chief through May 25th. The town board will review the applications immediately afterwards and hopes to have a new chief hired in June. Hendren had made an annual salary of $31,000.

Until a new police chief is hired, no Micro Police will be on duty. Instead the town is relying on the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office to answer calls in the city limits. The sheriff’s office had already been answering calls as needed in Micro because the small department has never been able to provide 24 hour a day coverage.

Micro is Johnston County’s smallest town with approximately 500 residents and 215 homes.