Police Investigating Possible “Huffing” Death

Police are investigating the possible huffing death of a 29 year-old woman.  The incident happened Saturday at 4359 Wilson’s Mills Road in the Wilson’s Mills city limits.

Police Chief A.Z. Williams said police and medical personnel arrived on the scene of an apparent overdose and attempted life saving measures on the victim.  After lengthy efforts the victim, Shannon Nichole Cousins, was pronounced deceased.

Chief Williams said it appears the female victim and a male at the scene had been huffing for much of the day before Cousins eventually became unresponsive.

“Huffing” is a form of inhalant abuse where chemical vapors are intentionally inhaled to attain a mental high or euphoric effect.

“The item used in this case appears to have been Air Duster aerosol cans commonly used on computer keyboards and desktops,” Chief Williams told JoCoReport. “Multiple items of evidence was collected including several cans of the Air Duster aerosol spray that were purchased on the day of the incident.”

The Johnston County Medical Examiner is assisting Wilson’s Mills Police with the investigation. An autopsy on Cousins has been scheduled for today (Monday).