Police Raid Kenly Business

Kenly Police Chief Josh Gibson says Monday’s raid at a gas station is part of a continuing effort by his department to rid the town of drugs.

Officers raided the Citgo at 305 South Church Street Monday afternoon seizing a very large quantity of drug paraphernalia and a small amount of narcotics.

Kenly-PD-SW-2According to a copy of the search warrant obtained by WTSB News, an informant working with Kenly Police bought drug paraphernalia from the business three different times.  During one of the alleged purchases, a glass pipe was purchased inside the business after which “a small bag of marijuana (was) gifted to the informant from within the store by the store owner identified as Omar.” 

Among the items seized in Monday’s raid were 235 glass tubes, 135 glass pipes, 50 Hookahs, 40 digital scales, 242 packages of rolling papers, 67 grinders, 80 non-glass pipes, 3 bottles of glass cleaner, 6 mechanical scales, 35 vaporizers, 2 herbal vaporizers, 112 packages of screens, 23 packages of 1×1 bags, 3 boxes of sandwich bags, 5 stash container, 1 box of razor blades, 15 packs of coals, and $1,343.78 in cash.

Gibson said officers began make arrests in the case on Tuesday, including 49 year-old Omar Abedelrahman Dalia of Kenly who was charged with possession with intent to manufacture sell or deliver marijuana. 

“We’re not going to tolerate drugs sales of any kind or tolerate the sale of paraphernalia in Kenly,” the police chief told WTSB.