Police: Shoplifters Stage Domestic Dispute Before Storming Out Of Store With $60 Steaks

Clayton Police need your help identifying a man and woman who stole meat Sunday afternoon from the Food Lion near Riverwood Athletic Club at 238 Pritchard Road.

After entering the grocery store at 2:58 p.m. Sunday, a woman stuffed about $60 worth of steaks into a bright blue, drawstring gym bag. Employees began to monitor the couple, which also had a cart full of groceries. The man and woman then staged a verbal domestic dispute, abandoned their cart and stormed out of the store to drive off in a dark gray Ford Explorer with an N.C. license plate beginning with “DLY.”

Upon reviewing security footage, police noticed a man who appeared to be standing lookout for the thieves in the lobby of the Food Lion. He is a slimly-built black man who wore a black flat brim hat, red short-sleeve shirt, red shorts and Nike high-top sneakers. When the couple exited the store, the lookout walked over to a Cashpoints ATM. After circling the building, the thieves picked up the lookout in the Ford Explorer and drove off on Pritchard Road toward the intersection with Covered Bridge Road.

If you have any information, call the Clayton Police Department at 919-553-4611.