Police Subdue Man Standing In Roadway Swinging 2×4 At Drivers

It took three police officers to subdue an unruly man found in the middle of a busy roadway swinging a 2×4 piece of lumber at drivers.

Selma police officers were dispatched to Highway 70 near I-95 around 7:00am Saturday for a report of a suspicious person standing in the travel lanes.  The first officer arrived on the scene to find a man swinging a wooden 2×4 and jumping in front of vehicles trying to hit them as they passed.

The officer confronted the suspect and ordered him to drop the 2×4. The suspect reportedly told the officer, “Come f**king get it” as he swung the board striking a highway sign causing the end to splinter into sharp pieces.

The suspect then swung the splintered 2×4 at the officer who was able to duck down then grab the unruly suspect.

Two additional officers arriving on the scene to assist in detaining the man, identified as 28 year-old Benjamin Stuart Hess of Burlington.

Hess continued to curse and resist officers. While being questioned at the Selma Police Department, officers said Hess suddenly calmed down and told officers, “Thank you for doing what you did.”

Hess was taken before a magistrate and once again became aggressive and combative.

Hess was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a government official and resisting and delaying.   Bail was set at $100,000.  No injuries were reported.