Police To Enforce Ban On Semi Truck Traffic

Smithfield Police will soon began cracking down on commercial trucks that use South Third Street through Downtown Smithfield as a shortcut to US301 South (Brightleaf Boulevard).

Police Chief Michael Scott said “No Through Truck” signs will be placed along South Third between Market and Brightleaf Boulevard following a request by the town council to deal with semi-truck traffic.  “It is a heavily traveled road for trucks.”

Once the signs are in place, the enforcement effort will begin.

South-Third-Street-Image-FIIn October, Councilman Perry Harris asked Chief Scott to look at ways to address the problem of big rigs cutting through the downtown business district. Last month, the Downtown Smithfield Development Corporation Board went on record in support of prohibiting truck traffic. 

One exception will be for trucks making deliveries to businesses and to government agencies, including the Johnston County Courthouse.

While North Third Street is maintained by the Department of Transportation, South Third is maintained by the Town of Smithfield. Chief Scott said the DOT did not have a problem with prohibiting trucks on South Third but were concerned about a no left turn sign at the intersection of Market and Third. The council voted unanimously Nov. 10th to restrict the truck traffic.

Police will begin enforcement efforts as soon as the road signs are in place.  Large trucks will not be prohibited from using North Third Street.