Policeman Helps 6 Year-Old

Johnston TJ 2A Smithfield police officer helped brighten the day for a 6 year-old boy Thursday.  And a new friendship was formed. 

Thomas “TJ” Johnson is diagnosed with Dyspraxia and has difficulty with some speech and learning. 

On Sunday, TJ lost his glasses.   Unknown to his parents, Michael and Crystal Johnson, the next day TJ went to his room and wrote a note to the Smithfield Police Department asking for help finding his missing eye glasses.  “Mommy they can help find them,” he told his mother after writing a letter to police with a detailed description of his eyewear.  

Link To Letter

TJ is a student at South Smithfield Elementary School.  His parents say he is a loving child who always wants to help other people. TJ also lets others know that if anyone is ever hurt they need to call 911.  

Fortunately, the glasses were found by a family member on Thursday, but TJ didn’t know.  So his mother contacted Smithfield Police and told them about TJ, the missing glasses, and the letter. 

A short time later, Officer Brian Sitting arrived at TJ’s house and returned his missing glasses.  TJ’s parents said he was excited to have his glasses back and for the visit from the police officer. “The officer was amazing,” Crystal said. “He did so good talking with him.”  

TJ loves the Smithfield Fire Department and Smithfield Police Department. His father is a volunteer on the Smithfield Fire Department.

Johnston TJ 3Last Halloween  TJ even dressed up as a Smithfield police officer. 

Police Chief Michael Scott said this is one of the stories that all too often goes unnoticed but it happens more than people realize.  “This is the kind of thing everyone on the Smithfield Police Department would like to be a part of. This is why officers take their oath of office, to help people out when they can, and make the city a better place.”

“In today’s environment with law enforcement, it’s great to have these things come to light. Officers are people too. They are not just people in uniforms. They work really hard to do the right thing all the time,” Chief Scott said.

With TJ’s parent’s permission, plans will be made to give him a ride in a marked police cruiser. And the department will take their specialized ATV by his home for TJ to check out. 

“It’s a story that doesn’t have to end. It keeps on getting better,” Chief Scott told WTSB News Friday. 

And If TJ is interested in a job when he turns 21, Chief Scott hopes he can apply for a job on the police force.  Way to go TJ !