Public Forum Held On Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Johnston County Giovernment Photo

SMITHFIELD – Residents came out to voice their ideas and opinions at Johnston County’s third Comprehensive Land Use Plan public forum Wednesday night at the Johnston County Agricultural Center.

Johnston County Giovernment Photo

The first draft of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan was presented at the forum. The plan will now go to the Planning Board for review and recommendation.

Johnston County Giovernment Photo

Next, the plan will move on to the County Commissioners for a final review and public hearing. Public comments will also be considered prior to adoption.

Johnston County Giovernment Photo

To view the first draft of the Comprehensive Land Use plan, visit the planning department’s website at

Johnston County Giovernment Photo


  1. Everyone I spoke with at this meeting was appalled at the current development that the county is allowing. We need a moratorium on subdivisions immediately until a new land use plan is under way and being followed. Water is critical yet the planning department is “studying” to see if we have an problem…. really??

    • Perhaps now is the time to elect our FIRST Democrat. We have had nothing but republicans. Literally ONLY republicans. Yet y’all keep complaining but you keep voting the same bunch in. SMH. Kinda like the definition of insanity. You keep voting them in expecting a different result.

      • Mr. RJohn the last thing we need are Abortion Mills Democrats that want all us riding horses again in the name of thier Climate Change religion doing the same type of harm in Johnston County as they are doing Nation Wide.

    • “Allowing”?!?!? It is my land and I should be able to do what I want. We need LESS regulation and control — not more!!!! #FREEDOM

  2. Build houses and subdivisions but build ones that attract higher economics to the area. We have enough poor people already.

    • They are building houses on the outskirts of Kenly that are selling for over $350,000 before they are even built. I have no clue where the people that are buying these homes are working because nothing around here pays that kind of money to afford those prices. Even used doublewides are selling close to $200,000. Blows my mind. When I first moved here, I briefly rented a single wide for $150 a month. Now single wides are renting for $700-$1000 depending on location. A double wide down the street from me rented for $1500. However, we are one county over from the state capitol so it was just a matter of time…. and the time is now upon us.

      • The bubble is gonna pop at some point, and we will see price deflation as the Fed raises interest rates. The pricing model is unsustainable right now.

  3. At a recent Town of Clayton Council meeting. The town manager stated the the tax base wasn’t enough to pay for the services needed and that rate fees, taxes or both would have to be raised to cover services. For over 20 years I’ve heard from the Town Council that growth was needed to increase the tax base to pay for services, sounds like that didn’t happen. Wishful thinking on the Town Council’s part. Actually it similar to trickle down economics or supply side economics, remember them? more swamp land sold to the taxpayer. Same old stuff, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class pays all the taxes. It’s the American way, and we keep electing these BS salesmen.

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