Rabid Fox Bites Two People

A fox that bit an animal control officer and a citizen on Tuesday has now tested positive for rabies.

Tuesday afternoon, a resident reported seeing a fox roaming in a neighborhood near Highway 70 West (Market Street) and Hill Street.  A Smithfield animal control officer responded to the scene.

In an unsuccessful attempt to capture the fox, the officer was bitten in the leg.  A few hours later another citizen was bitten in the leg by a fox in the same area.

Thursday afternoon, Tim Kerigan, Public Information Officer for the Town of Smithfield, confirmed the fox tested positive for rabies and was destroyed.  Kerigan said officials are not certain it was the same animal that bit both individuals, but feel confident that it was.

“The Town would like our citizen’s to be aware of this incident and know what measures to take should they encounter any animal acting in an unusual manner,” Kerigan said. “Please do not confront the animal if you feel you may be in danger.  Instead, please call 911. Animal Control also recommends that citizens ensure their pets have a current rabies vaccination.”