Rabin Seeking Third Term in NC Senate

Conservative Republican and decorated veteran Ronald Rabin (R-Harnett) has filed to seek his third term in the State Senate representing Harnett, Lee and Johnston counties.

Col. Rabin, a fierce and outspoken advocate for veterans, touted a long list of accomplishments that have helped turn North Carolina’s economy around, and was praised by Senate leadership for his effectiveness and commitment to conservative principles.

Senator-Rabin-FIRabin was part of the team that moved North Carolina’s tax rates from the highest in the Southeast to the most competitive in the region, giving working families and small businesses major relief. North Carolina rose from 44th to 15th in the nation in business tax climate rankings, according to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation.

Rabin helped balance the state budget without raising taxes and generate a surplus of over $400 million dollars. The policies he championed in Raleigh helped the private sector create more than 300,000 jobs over the past five years and cut the state’s unemployment rate in half.

Rabin is chair of a new Senate committee designed to link education and commerce – to create opportunities for students entering the workforce.

“Ron has been a consistent, true conservative voice for his constituents,” said Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham). “He’s never been afraid to make the tough decisions and fight for conservative principles. We’re fortunate to have him on our team and the people of the 12thdistrict are fortunate to have him in Raleigh.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Brown (R-Onslow) said, “Colonel Rabin works tirelessly for his constituents, and he’s always willing to listen whether he agrees with you or not. I’m proud to support his re-election bid.”