Rabin Will Seek Re-Election

Senator Ronald Rabin (R-Harnett) announced Monday he will seek re-election in North Carolina’s 12th Senate District, which covers Harnett, Lee and Western Johnston Counties.

“After much thought and prayer with my family, I have decided to seek re-election to the North Carolina Senate,” said Senator Rabin. “I am thankful for and humbled by the trust bestowed upon me by my supporters in North Carolina’s 12th Senatorial District. While our conservative majority has done much to improve our economy, create jobs and protect our constitutional rights, significant challenges remain. I believe that my education and experience, including two terms in the State Senate, make me well qualified to be an effective member of the team that will successfully meet those challenges.

Senator-Rabin-FISenator Rabin’s platform issues remain simple and direct: lower individual and corporate taxes, control spending, reduce regulations that hurt business, maximize our education resources, keep our infrastructure robust and keep our homes and communities healthy and secure. During his tenure, the North Carolina General Assembly decreased spending and provided tax cuts for the workers of North Carolina that, since 2012, have put nearly $2 billion we earned back in our pockets to spend as we wish. In addition, with Senator Rabin’s help the General Assembly was able to pass a budget with a $400 million surplus while simultaneously increasing funding for public education by more than $530 million.

He also worked on Veteran’s issues related to workforce development, veteran’s health and other legislation that supports our military friendly image. “I am proud of my voting record and what we have been able to achieve these past several years.” Rabin said.

In asking for support for his re-election, Senator Rabin says he “will be able to continue focusing on creating the kind of business friendly environment that leads to business growth and job creation, balanced budgets, improving our education system, reforming Medicaid and supporting our Veterans.” Senator Rabin also believes he “offers a unique insight into security issues related to Islamic terrorism both from outside the U.S. and imported sleeper cells as well as domestic terrorism and violence.”

Sen. Rabin is currently serving his second term in the North Carolina Senate. He is Vice Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and is a member of the Education, Health and Human Services, Pensions and Retirements, Natural and Environmental Resources Committees. During Interim, Senator Rabin also serves as a member of the following committees: Joint Legislative Emergency Management Oversight Committee, Joint Legislative Commission on Energy Policy, Environmental Review Commission, and Justus-Warren Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force.