Random Art of Kindness

Employees living up to Champion name
Latest endeavor continues their goal to help children

Employees at Champion Hoist and Equipment in Dunn weren’t building hoists for dump bodies manufactured by companies in The Godwin Group Friday afternoon. They were doing something entirely different – they were painting rocks.

Titled “Random Art of Kindness,” the more than 40 employees gathered around a couple of tables, took a seat and unleashed their creativity. Many of the rocks had inspiring messages such as “Believe in yourself!,” “Today is your day! Smile,” “You are a rock” and “You got this.”

Derrick Maynard, left, and Taylor Upchurch paint rocks to donate to children’s organizations in hopes the children will hide them and take joy from finding the rocks. This was a project of Champion Hoist and Equipment in Dunn. Contributed Photo/Jennifer Baker

The rocks will be donated to Harnett Primary, Dunn Parks and Recreation, Plain View Elementary and a charity called Faith for Rachel. The rocks, donated to Champion by Miller’s Lawn and Landscaping, are part of the popular cultural phenomenon that’s been sweeping communities for the last several years. Individuals paint rocks and hide them in public places. Those who find them get a little joy in their discovery and either keep them or hide them again for someone else to find.

“We’re donating the rocks to give to children’s groups in the community so the kids can also give back by putting it out at places. It’s kind of like passing it on,” said Jennifer Baker, assistant to plant manager Phillip Knott.

According to the flyer posted by company officials at Champion, “Our intention is simple, to create kindness for unsuspecting recipients dropped along the way because our message at just the right moment can change someone’s entire day, outlook, life.”

This isn’t the first time the employees at Champion opened their altruistic hearts. In May the group collected toys such as bikes and other summer toys for the children who may find themselves in SAFE of Harnett County’s domestic violence shelter.

Mary Gautier was one of more than 40 Champion Hoist and Equipment employees who painted rocks. She was partial to red.

Also, for the past two Christmases they collected $1,200 to donate to the Shriners Children’s Hospital which treats children with no regard to the family’s ability to pay. That donation was made in behalf of Pat and Judy Godwin, owners of The Godwin Group. This most recent Christmas $1,500 was donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. That was donated in the name of Judy Godwin who died in August of last years.

All these donations have something in common – children. Something close to Godwin’s heart.

“Instead of giving Pat (Godwin) a gift, because he can get what he wants, we donate to a children’s organization,” Baker said.

“It keeps morale up,” Knott said. “Pat is always giving back to the community.”

About The Godwin Group

The Godwin Group, headquartered in Dunn, has manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio and Utah. The facilities make dump bodies, snowplows and hoists. The founder and owner is Pat Godwin Sr.