Record Call Volume Set At 911 Center During Jan. Ice Storm

The January 22nd ice storm is all but a memory, however, Johnston County 911 officials have just released the call volume data from the winter storm event.

911 Director Jason Barbour said the 911 Center received more calls during a 9-hour period on Jan. 22nd than what was experienced during Hurricanes Fran and Floyd.

Johnston-County-911-LogoFrom 3:00 pm to midnight on Jan. 22nd, a total of 1,100 emergency phone calls were received, compared to 300 during the same 9-hour period on Jan. 15th.  A total of 800 calls were dispatched compared to 200 a week before. Barbour said the majority were storm-related calls for fire, EMS and law enforcement including accidents, downed trees, and other calls for service.

Radio transmissions more than doubled from 18,000 to 40,000. 

“We are very proud our of staff and technology,” Barbour told WTSB. “This was  highest call volume incident our department has ever experienced.   “Thank you to our Commissioners for allowing us to have the best equipment in place for our citizens’ greatest time of need.  Thanks to all the public safety personnel for pulling together and helping the citizens of Johnston County.”