Register Of Deeds Office Reports Substantial Revenue Growth

(Left to right) Amy Zieverink, Assistant Register of Deeds; Craig Olive, Register of Deeds; and Patty Woodall, Assistant Register of Deeds review data showing a 56 percent increase in revenue collections by the Register of Deeds Office during the last 5 years.

Johnston County Register of Deeds Craig Olive has announced a substantial increase in revenue collected by his office over the last few years.  For the fiscal year 2018-19, the Register of Deeds office generated a record $5,046,083.41.  That represents a 56 percent increase in revenue from 5 years ago.   Much of this increase is credited to the healthy economy that the county is experiencing as well as the rapid growth occurring in our county.

“People are moving to our county every day and they are buying homes, getting married, starting families and starting businesses,” Mr. Olive said.  “All of these activities have caused an increase in revenue for our office.”

Since 2002 when Mr. Olive took office, he has returned $2.1 million to the County in unused funds.  Even with the increase in activity, he has found ways to return unused funds, which is a savings to the Johnston County taxpayers.

Another program that has generated revenue, while providing a great service to the citizens, is having the Register of Deeds (ROD) Office become a Passport Acceptance Agency.  “I saw the need for this service and knew that my staff could handle this task,” Olive said.  Since becoming a Passport Acceptance Agency on June 11, 2014, his office has collected $361,900 from this service alone.

September 2019 saw the largest number of marriage licenses issued in Johnston County’s history, with a total 151.  “I fully expect to issue over 1,200 marriage licenses in 2019,” states Mr. Olive.

“As long as our county continues to experience growth at the current rate, my office will continue to see an increase in our revenue, states Mr. Olive.  “However, I will always seek for ways to return unused funds to our taxpayers and be proactive in technology updates which also can be a savings to our taxpayers”.

Fiscal Year        ROD Revenue

2009-10              $1,901,679.07

2010-11              $1,642,184.11

2011-12              $1,686,912.95

2012-13              $2,008,183.20

2013-14              $2,325,889.40

2014-15              $2,805,930.80

2015-16              $3,150,350.96

2016-17              $3,801,720.15

2017-18              $4,061,919.93

2018-19              $5,046,083.41