Repairs Completed, Colonial Pipeline Restarted

Colonial Pipeline officials announced Wednesday morning that repairs have been completed and a fuel line supplying the Selma Oil Terminals has been safely restarted.

The major pipeline was shut down Sunday night near Jennifer Drive, off Little Creek Church Road, between Clayton and Wilson’s Mills.  About 15 barrels of product were discharged.  The spill was reported to the National Response Center.

Officials said the line was restarted Tuesday evening and was fully returned to service overnight.

Pipeline officials said they appreciated the cooperation of local landowners, Johnston County Emergency Services and the Wilson’s Mills Fire Department for assisting and responding to the event.  “This response has been efficiently and effectively executed according to standard operating procedure, and we sincerely appreciate the cooperation of area residents. The protection of people, the environment and property remains at the forefront of this process,” according to a release.

Photos by John Payne