Residents, Fire Chief Concerned About Crashes At Rural Intersection

The Department of Transportation says they are not aware of any problems with a rural intersection many nearby residents say is accident prone.

Accident-Fire-Dept-Rd-1Neighbors say they are concerned about the intersection of Fire Department Road and Buffalo Road between Wilson’s Mills and Highway 42.¬† The latest crash occurred at the intersection on Saturday sending several people to the hospital with injuries.

Residents believe a T-intersection would help traffic flow and cut down on crashes.

NC DOT spokesperson Steve Abbott told WTSB News the Department of Transportation is not aware of any crash problems with the intersection and there are no planned studies or changes. Abbott said the intersection is not on the Highway Safety Improvement Program, which targets potentially hazardous sites throughout the state.

Accident-Fire-Dept-Rd-3Bentley Powell, the Chief of the Wilson’s Mills Fire Department said in the nearly 20 years he has served on the department, they have responded to numerous serious accidents. “The alignment is the biggest problem,” Chief Powell said. “It is a Y-intersection and not a T-intersection. The alignment makes it more dangerous than it should be, and traffic in the area is also greater than it use to be.”

Photos by John Payne