Rezoning Will Allow Johnston Health To Expand

Calling the hospital one of the biggest developments to improve Clayton’s quality of life in decades, the Clayton Town Council unanimously approved a request from Johnston Health to rezone 74.61 acres of land on the corner of Amelia Church Road and Hwy 42 West.

Johnston Health’s full service hospital in that location is just minutes from Downtown Clayton and has become a tremendous asset for the community. It continues to grow and attract medical facilities and offices on nearby parcels including assisted living facilities, urgent care offices and cancer specialists.

The rezoning, approved Monday night, would allow the hospital to begin Phase 2 of its expansion, giving the hospital the flexibility to slowly add on buildings and medical facilities as they work to meet the ever-changed needs of the growing community.

The land will change from Planned Development Mixed Use (PDMU) to Office Institutional (OI) and now all properties within the hospital campus will have consistent zoning designation throughout its campus. A master plan was originally approved for these parcels in 2007 at which time it was zoned to PD-MU, but hospital leaders told Town Council, much has changed in the world of meeting medical needs in the past decade.

A spokesperson for Johnston Health declined to release specific details on the expansion or a timeline for the project.