Road Rage Incident Reported On US 70

A Johnston County woman and her young son were victims of a road rage incident on US 70 on Monday. The victim said the suspect followed her until she stopped at the Princeton Town Hall to alert Princeton Police.

It started around 3:30pm on US 70 near Creech’s Mill Road east of Smithfield. The Princeton woman and her child were traveling eastbound when a white Chevy Silverado truck began following them closely. The vehicle continued to tailgate the woman for several miles so she decided to turn onto Braswell Road to get away from the truck driver. However, the truck continued to follow her onto Braswell Road and several other secondary roads in the Brogden community.

The victim continued to be followed closely. The suspect continued on when she turned into the parking lot at the Princeton Town Hall to alert Princeton Police, who in turned notified the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s Detective Lt. Mike Carson said they are searching for a white male in his late-40’s with shoulder length brown hair last seen operating a regular cab white Chevy Silverado with a chrome grill.

The woman and child were not injured.