Rotary Clubs Partnering For JoCo Alzheimer’s Music & Memory Project

Five local Rotary Clubs are sponsoring a new program in Johnston County called Music and Memory directed at improving the lives of those living with Alzheimer’s.

Music and Memory therapy is based on a very simple premise: take an iPod loaded with a music library personalized to the person with Alzheimer’s and have them listen to the music.

In some cases the Music and Memory Therapy unlocks memories in the mind, decreasing the need for people with Alzheimer’s to be medicated with antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs. It can also greatly reduce or eliminate “sundowning” which is behavior marked by repeated attempts to leave, mood swings, agitation, etc.
The goal of the JoCo Music and Memory Project is to pilot the therapy in one nursing home, one assisted living facility and one Home Care program.

Gabriel Manor in Clayton has agreed to be the assisted living facility to begin the program.

Nursing Homes are able to get grants from the federal government that can be used to train staff to implement the program.

The Rotary Clubs leading the way for this project are: The Clayton Morning Club, The Clayton Mid-day Club, The Cleveland School Club, The Central Johnston Club, and the Smithfield Rotary Club.

The JoCo Music and Memory Project committee has donation boxes in area businesses for those interested in financially supporting the efforts.

Doug McClentic, Chairperson of the JoCo Music and Memory Project tells WTSB news that Derby Day on Saturday, May 2nd in Clayton will give a portion of the proceeds to support this project. McClentic says the long-range goal is to make Music and Memory Therapy available to all who need it in Johnston County.

For more information email or mail donations of any size to JAMM, PO Box 773, Clayton, NC 27528.