Rouzer: President Trump Getting Down To Business

US Congressman David Rouzer

US Congressman David Rouzer (R-NC) said today that President Donald Trump is taking quick action on a number of issues.

Rouzers comments came after Trump issues executive orders to advance two pipeline projects, freeze federal hiring, insist on better trade agreements and ensure American taxpayers are not forced to subsidize abortions anywhere in the world:

“President Trump is doing what I knew he would,” Representative Rouzer stated.  “He is wasting no time in getting down to business and acting on his promises to Make America Great Again.  Already, President Trump has made it clear that he will put America first by clearing the path for approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline, both of which will create good paying jobs, increase our access to affordable energy and make America an even more dominate energy supplier for the world.

“By instituting a federal hiring freeze, the President has taken the first step to draining the swamp of the Washington bureaucracy.  By withdrawing from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement and announcing that he will pursue bilateral trade deals with those specific countries instead, he is assuring the American people that he is putting the interests of American workers first.”

“Further, he has affirmed his commitment to the unborn by prohibiting non-government organizations that receive taxpayer funds from performing or actively promoting abortions,” Rouzer said.

“All of these executive actions are great for America.  I look forward to working with the Trump Administration on the legislative items that we must pass to help create an environment where every citizen can develop and grow their skills and prosper in every way.”

Rouzer represents the Seventh Congressional District which includes a portion of Johnston County.