Scam Alert: Caller Posing As Johnston County Deputy, Demands Money

JOHNSTON COUNTY – The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office is alerting citizens to an apparent widespread scam.  In the past few days, the sheriff’s office has received reports from citizens who have received phone calls from an individual who falsely identified himself as a Johnston County deputy sheriff.

The fraudster claims his name is Sgt. Maddox with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office. The caller advises the citizen they have missed jury duty and must pay a $1,200 fine.

Some citizens have received a voicemail where the caller provides a phone number of 919-919-8791. If the number is called back, a voice recording states it is the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office wants the public to know this is a scam, no one is employed with the department by the name of Sgt. Maddox, and the Sheriff’s Office would never attempt to collect any money or fines by telephone.  

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