Scam Costs Victim $4,000

A 71 year-old Johnston County woman lost $4,000 in a scam last month. The incident was reported to law enforcement last week but they say it’s unlikely they will be able to recover the money swindled from her.

On August 20th, the Benson woman said she received a phone call from a person pretending to be with Delta Airlines. The caller said her plane tickets were ready, but the victim said she hadn’t purchased any airline tickets. The fake Delta Airlines agent said they would refund $5,000 paid for the tickets and pretended to transfer her to a representative with Microsoft security.

The Microsoft fraudster claimed the victim’s computer had been hacked and they would send an additional $1,000 to help cover repairs to her home computer.

The scammers later convinced the victim they had refunded too much money and tricked her into sending them $4,000. After she mailed a cash payment she later realized she had been the victim of a fraud.