Scammer Steals $25,000 In Cash From Johnston County Woman

CORINTH HOLDERS – Scammers recently stole $25,000 from a Johnston County woman. The 78 year-old victim said she was using her home computer in February when a popup appeared on the screen.

The popup appeared to be from Microsoft. It claimed her personal information has been leaked on the internet and to immediately call a phone number provided.

The elderly victim placed the call. The fraudster stated his name was Officer James Cooper with the US Treasury Department and that she needed to pay $25,000 to stop the leak of her social security number and personal information on the internet.

Not realizing at the time it was a scam, the victim withdrew $25,000 from the bank. She was instructed to wait at home until a person picked up the money, and to only give them the cash if they provided a secret code word of “Sunshine.”

The victim gave the money to an unknown individual who arrived at her Johnston County home a few hours later.

When the suspect called again asking for more money she realized it was a scam and notified local authorities.


  1. “Not realizing at the time it was a scam, the victim withdrew $25,000 from the bank.”

    Why didn’t her bank delve into the reason for this significantly large cash withdrawal by a 78 year old lady? The bank should be liable for allowing this to happen or at least not questioning it. My heart is aching for this lady. This didn’t have to happen!

    • I thought the banks ARE supposed to throw up red flags when the elderly come in and ask for that much cash at once. I guess I am wrong or someone dropped the ball on this one.

    • I totally agree with you Jessica and the scariest part is someone went to her house. I sure hope they catch this POS.

  2. Why and How do banks allow this to happen. Anything over a $1,000 should have to be cleared through the bank IN PERSON.

    • She had to go into the bank to get that much cash. Somebody should have stopped her and questioned the reason for the large cash withdrawal. The bank should definitely be held liable for that lady getting scammed.

      • A bank can not legally withhold a persons money. They can question, advise and encourage a person to not take the money but by law they can not prevent a person from taking their own money. I doubt the lady showed up with a withdrawal slip of 20,000 to a teller and they just gave it to her. She probably saw a fso, but in the end she could demand her money. Blaming the bank is ridiculous but not surprising in this day.

        • Thomas ,, I agree the bank shouldn’t be held accountable as it is the woman’s money. However, it would nice if the banks had a someone that was allowed to question the elderly about these large sums of money… At the end of the, it is the customers money and they can do with it what they want in my opinion. Just would be nice if someone was looking out for the elderly or anyone for that matter of unusually large withdraws.

          • How do you know they didn’t? A lot of people are making assumptions about her bank that they have absolutely no idea of what Tom place. They may have vehemently disagree with withdrawing the money but she forced them to. Sheesh people. You don’t know all the facts!

      • Why? Because I’m not gullible, and I’m not (like you and others) asking for MORE regulations and MORE oversight? People like you who want someone (the banks, yhe government, etc) to “watch out” for you, then you’re in the wrong country… perhaps you’d prefer socialism!

        • Tell the truth… I’m not gullible either. I just said it would nice to have someone ask questions.. There are people that are not as swift as you or me. There are some elderly that live alone and can be manipulated. At the end of the day, it is their decision and their loss when it happens. Just a courtesy, not a regulation.

  3. Frankly agree. Banks need to be more accountable. This is an easily prevented crime. Same w anyone trying to buy more than 1000 dollars in gift cards. Needs to be a human salesperson who confirms your purchase and the stated purpose.

    • Yes, Yes, a thousand times YES!!! (I wish we could “like” comments on here as we could before.) Everyone who works in a store that sells gift cards should be educated on the many different scams that are going on.

      There are many videos on YouTube that detail the different scams and show people what to watch out for but, sadly, most of the people who need to see them (the elderly) won’t see them unless someone proactively shows them the videos. Kitboga’s and Jim Browning’s channels are good ones to watch but there are many others also.

      • Please read response above. Banks are bound by law to release an account holders money. They can advise, recommend and counsel but are bound to release funds.

    • Banks should never be held accountable for someone taking money out of own account.
      I would never disclose why I am taking my money out. It is none of their business. If I choose to withdraw money and pile it up and burn it that is up to me.
      What that lady needs are responsible family members helping her with her financial decisions if she agrees to that. Sometimes people do not want help like that and that is up to her.

  4. Trying to blame the bank is a joke. As soon as they start asking you questions I am certain you will get all defensive. This isnt on the bank it is on the woman. I dont care if you are 78 or 48 who falls for that? A guy from the US Treasury will come to your home with the secret code of sunshine LOL?!? Please. That is all on grandma

  5. Bottom line- did this poor woman not have any family that keeps up with her? The sob who did this has no conscience or soul and should have a mud hole stomped in him and walked dry, then 10 yrs in prison to think about it!

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