School Board Asks For 35 Percent Funding Increase, 105 New Positions

Johnston County Public Schools has released their 2017-18 budget proposal which is seeking substantially more money and more employees next year.

Johnston County Public Schools received $57.89 million from County Commissioners for the 2016-17 fiscal year.  The 2017-18 budget request is seeking $78.14 million, an increase of $20.2 million dollars or 35 percent more funding this year.

In addition, the school system wants to hire 105 more employees and give pay increases to teachers and principals.

The local spending request includes:

  • 1 percent teacher supplement increase or just over $1.9 million.
  • 1 percent supplement increase for assistant principals will cost $104,01
  • 85 new teaching positions in grades K-3 would cost $5.3 million.
  • Mobile units for the new K-3 teachers would add an additional $5 million.
  • 5 new school nurses at a cost of $344,057. (It would make the ratio of one nurse for every 2 schools.)
  • 13 additional social workers – $951,396 annually.
  • 1 new Webmaster position – $62,996 annually.
  • 1 new Family and Community Engagement position – $62,260.
  • 2 percent supplement increase for the county’s 43 Teacher Learning Coaches – $48,433.
  • $284,136 for a 2 percent supplement for staff at Low Performing Schools.
  • $250,000 for furniture.
  • $796,000 for improvements to the computer network system.
  • $88,231 to give 46 principals a base salary increase of $1,500 with benefits.
  • $53,014 for an additional 1-month employment for athletic directors at the county’s high schools.

No yellow school buses or activity buses are included in the proposal.

Johnston County Commissioners will ultimately decide on how much funding the school board will receive for 2017-18.