School Bus Involved In Wreck Near Four Oaks

FOUR OAKS – A Four Oaks Middle School bus was involved in a collision with a passenger vehicle just after 3:30pm Friday. It happened on Webb Mill Road near Crocker Lane.

Bus 618 was traveling on Webb Mill Road when a vehicle pulled from a private drive into the path of the school bus. The impact caused the passenger car to overturn and the bus to travel off the roadway.

Johnston County Public Schools said there were 14 students onboard plus the driver. Eight students were transported to area hospitals. None of the injuries were life threatening.

Students who were not injured were reunited with their parents at Four Oaks Middle School.

The driver of the passenger vehicle ran away from the crash scene. He had reportedly just been involved in a domestic dispute with a female at a nearby residence and was leaving when the wreck occurred. The individual has been identified.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene and attempted to track the hit and run driver.

The State Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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  1. Glad the kids and bus driver are going to be OK. God was with them all. I hope the driver of the vehicle is caught and hung. LOW LIFE P.O.S. to run after hitting a bus full of kids. I mean it is bad anytime but wow!

    • While it is horrible and against the law what happened – the crimes committed are not death penalty crimes. This isn’t the Wild West. I am all for the death penalty in many cases but these are the crimes he has been charged with:

      Felony hit and run
      No liability insurance
      Expired registration
      Drive while license revoked
      Display fictitious registration
      Expired inspection
      Unsafe movement

      This was taken from w r a l so I assume it is correct…but I am just going by what is printed on their site.

    • Steve- I think the crimes committed were bad and I am pro death penalty – but I hope you don’t really believe this is a death penalty case. He was charged with several crimes but none rise to the level required by any state for death. We aren’t Russia – not yet. Give MTG and her ilk time and we will be…

  2. They say that the injuries weren’t life threatening, but a few of them were definitely serious! My husband and I are friends with a guy whose son was on that bus, and he has a broken arm, broken jaw and broken nose, and is still in the hospital days later. Another girl has a broken leg and just got released from the hospital yesterday! Several of those children went to the hospital, but those are only the injuries I have confirmed information about. So this has been a bit downplayed, as far as what they are releasing of those children’s injuries.

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