School District Updates Conduct Policy

The Johnston County School Board has updated their Code of Conduct policy for students. Until now the policy did not specifically address the threat of violence to educational property. The updated policy defines what constitutes a threat on school grounds and how a student will be disciplined.

Johnston County School LogoA student who makes a threat or false report of violence on school property will be suspended 365 days unless the Superintendent recommends the student be placed in an alternative program approved by the school board.

The conduct policy covers a broad range of prohibited conduct including bullying, cheating, gambling, sexual harassment, fighting, theft, trespassing, vandalism, possession of drugs, alcohol, weapons or tobacco products, calling in bomb threats or skipping school.

When a student is suspended, they are prohibited from being in any Johnston County Schools building, on any property or bus owned by the school district, or at any school sponsored activity during the suspension.