School System Welcomes 4 New Resource Officers

Thanks to a state-funded grant and a collaborative effort with Johnston County municipalities, Johnston County Public Schools this week welcomed four new School Resource Officers into the school law enforcement ranks. A number of new officers will join JCPS as the grant is fulfilled.

The General Assembly worked with State Superintendent Mark Johnson to launch the new School Safety Grants program, which created a funding opportunity for community partnerships.

The Benson, Four Oaks, Clayton, and Riverwood areas welcome the following officers this week:

Gary Whitman to Benson Elementary and Benson Middle

Aurora Mayo to Clayton Middle, Cooper Academy, and West Clayton Elementary

Scott Holzshu to Riverwood Elementary and Riverwood Middle

Audrey Sarver to Four Oaks Elementary and Four Oaks Middle

“Johnston County Public Schools is grateful for this opportunity to strengthen its safety program and looks forward to continuing its partnership with the towns of Benson, Clayton, and Four Oaks police departments,” said Dr. Ross Renfrow, Superintendent of Johnston County Public Schools.

This is the first wave of new hires as a result of this initiative.

“We applaud our JCPS and town administrators for this successful outcome. Our commitment to the safety of our students and staff is ever strong thanks to their vigilance,” said Mike Wooten, Board of Education Chairman.