Schools Warned Of Invoice Scam

Last week, a bookkeeper at West Johnston High School received a past due invoice for school supplies.

A company called Distribution School Supplies notified the school they had made a purchase of more than $2,000 in supplies back on February 12th but never paid.  The statement said it was probably an oversight but they needed to make immediately payment within 48 hours or they would be turned over to a collection agency.

Fortunately, the bookkeeper at the school researched the invoice and realized the school had never purchased anything from the company.  It was a scam.

Officials said the invoice appeared to be real. It even included an address in Athens, Georgia.

Fortunately, West Johnston High never paid the fake invoice.  Instead they contacted the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office who is now investigating.

The invoice scam appears to be fairly new.

Epifanio Rodriguez, Public Information Officer for the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, told WTSB News this week there is no business in Athens, Georgia by the name of Distribution School Supplies.  Rodriguez said his agency was not familiar with the scam.