Scout Troop Takes #3forHeart Challenge

Scout Troop 124 in Clayton participate in a group photo February 27, 2023 holding a three for heart for Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin. Contributed Photo

CLAYTON – On January 2nd, 2023, Buffalo Bills Trainer Denny Kellington performed lifesaving CPR on Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin. Kellington’s quick response to save Damar’s life inspired a movement around the world of prayer, and reverence towards God, as well as learning lifesaving skills to save a life, just like Denny Kellington saved Damar’s life.

Through the Scout Oath, Law, and Motto, Scouts are supposed to be prepared, to help others, and to be reverent.

Andrew Billiar, the Junior Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 124, is a huge Bills fan. When he saw the #3forHeart challenge, he knew it would be beneficial for his Troop to participate during February, American Heart Month.

On February 27th, Troop 124, based in Clayton, did the #3forHeart challenge. This challenge is from the American Heart Association in partnership with Damar Hamlin to teacher hands-only CPR. Proceeds raised were donated to the American Heart Association to fund CPR training, education, and other life-saving research.

Andrew, along with the help of Leaders in Troop 124, who are CPR trained, taught the Troop how to perform hands-only CPR. Listening to Staying Alive and practicing CPR on homemade CPR dummies made with a toilet paper roll, a shirt, and a bath towel, Troop 124 successfully performed CPR.

Troop 124 also raised $148 to donate to the American Heart Association. To finish out the day, the Scouts celebrated with a group photo of the Troop holding a three and a heart for Damar.

Troop 124 encourages everyone in Johnston County to learn hands-only CPR and to be prepared for the unfortunate event of sudden cardiac arrest. Even though American Heart Month is over, the local Scouts encourage everyone to participate in the #3forHeart challenge.


  1. CPR is something everyone should learn under any circumstances but especially with so many people having heart attacks from the jab these days.

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