See It, Hear It, Report It!

Benson Police CarThe Benson Police Department is encouraging citizens to “See It, Hear It, and Report It!”

Police are reminding citizens to be smart, be aware of your surroundings, and help keep Benson safe by reporting suspicious activity or crimes as soon as they occur.

“The most important piece of advice I have is if you see something or hear something suspicious, report it immediately. Having a trained law enforcement official monitor the situation is always the best bet. We can only fight crime when it’s reported. Help us do our jobs, so we can keep Benson safe for each and every family that lives here or visits,” says Kenneth Edwards, Chief of Police.

Summer months typically produce an uptick in larceny, and other property crimes. “When the days are long and the weather is nice, folks are out for evening walks around the community and more likely to spend time outside. Unfortunately, some people will also use this time of year to look for easy targets for thefts” reports Edwards.

“Most thefts and larceny are crimes of opportunity. If we can limit these opportunities, we can lower crime. It’s often that simple,” Edwards continued.

Always keep your vehicle locked, and any valuables out of sight. An unlocked car is an easy target for an experienced thief to quickly get in, and take what they can grab quickly. Keep your house locked when you are home or away. If possible, try to keep valuables away from windows.

“Alarm systems and security lights are good investments for those that can afford it. Anything that makes it harder for someone to slip in and out unnoticed definitely helps,” says Edwards.

Residents are reminded to always call 911 in case of emergency. In Johnston County you can also send a text message to 911 in a situation where you are unable to call.
In the coming weeks be sure to look for safety tips and updates from the Benson Police Department on the Town of Benson’s Facebook page on how to protect your valuables, and keep yourself as safe as possible.