Selma Adopts New Unified Development Ordinance

Al Benshoff with The Brough Law Firm in Chapel Hill discusses Selma new Unified Development Ordinance with members of the Selma Town Council during a Feb. 14th meeting. Photo

The Town of Selma has approved changes to their ordinances to make it easier for businesses to locate in their town, revised land use guidelines to be clear, consistent, and user-friendly.

In a unanimous vote Feb. 14th the Selma Town Council voted to approve a new Unified Development Ordinance or UDO that will continue to provide a safe, viable and inviting Town for new and existing residents. At the same time the new UDO streamlines development and permitting processes while working to improve the appearance of the towns gateway corridors through code enforcement and community projects.

Selma Planning and Economic Development Director Julie Maybee said the review of the UDO began in September 2014.

Town Councilman William Overby said, “There were a lot changes in the ordinance. I think it helps clarify some of the rules so people can understand what is actually being done. I think it is going to help a lot.”

Former Selma Mayor Charles Hester spoke in opposition to the new ordinance.

Al Benshoff with The Brough Law Firm assisted Selma with the ordinance updates.  Benshoff said improvements were made to the subdivision, zoning, watershed, flood damage and prevention ordinances while streamlining procedures in a more uniform method for the public and businesses.  One major area of improvement is a single set of development standards and one single list of permitted uses for each zoning district, Benshoff said. In addition, codes for the Central Business District were reworked.

The UDO now includes new wireless communication guidelines.

The ordinance was approved unanimously. It will take effect on March 31, 2017.