Selma Churches Cater To Special Needs Worshippers

Selma Presbyterian Church and Good Samaritan United Church of Christ are partnering to offer new services to families with special needs.

Both churches, which are co-located at 306 N. Pollock St in Selma, saw an opportunity to minister to a sector that may have been discouraged from attending worship services in the past.

“We have musical instruments available for those who are non-verbal so that they can participate in worship and sensory toys are available in the sanctuary for younger children,” said Linda Leuser, Pastor of the Good Samaritan United Church of Christ. “Everyone is encouraged to make a joyful noise to the Lord.”

Selma-Church-1The reverend said that services have been adapted for all ages and abilities ensuring that youth are involved in leadership roles such as leading prayers and those older parishioners have a more user-friendly experience.

The churches are looking at a merger for 2016 that would produce a new name, but for now they are focused on working together to increase community outreach and serve families with special needs, including a Saturday lecture series that explores the latest information on special needs topics.

Worship services are offered at 10am on Sundays with Christian education for all ages starting at 9am. An adult Bible study is also offered on Tuesday evenings.

“We welcome all ages, all faiths and all those who think that church could never be a place for them,” said Pastor Leuser. “We encourage all those who have given up on religion in the past to pull into our parking lot and experience the new thing that God is doing in our sanctuary.” Contributed photos