Selma Couple Celebrates 60th Anniversary

A Johnston County couple is celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary today (Thursday).

Sylvia D. Horne of Selma and Clifton W. Woodruff of Micro were united in marriage on Saturday night December 22nd, 1956, at the home of Preacher Charles Carroll of Shoeheel.

The young couple met just three months earlier, in September of 1956, in front of Bill Creech’s Drug Store in Selma. After meeting in 1956, they enjoying hanging out at Brown’s Bar B Q, and sporting around in Clifton’s 1955 blue and white Ford Fairlane.

A lot has changed in 60 years. In 1956, the average price of a home was $22,000. The average income was $4,454. Gas was 23 cents per gallon, a loaf of bread was 18 cents, a first class stamp was 3 cents, and The King –  Elvis released his first hit. 80 percent of all US households had refrigerators and the Dow hit an all time record high of 500.24 points.

Throughout the years the Woodruff’s enjoyed trips to the beach, fishing, the mountains, White Lake and Brown’s Pond near Selma.

One of the Woodruff’s favorite song in 1956 was Band of Gold by Don Cherry. However, after their milestone of being married for 60 years, one of their new favorite songs is We Are Partners Together.

Clifton served in the US Army in Korea before they couple married.

Sylvia, who is now 76, and Clifton, who is now 81, were blessed with two children, Steve and Darlene Woodruff. They also have a grandson, Stephen Woodruff.  The couple lives on Woodruff Road on the family farm that dates back to the early 1900’s.

His daughter, Darlene, said her father now enjoys time on his tractor planting a garden in the summer and raising collards. During the cooler months of the year, he like to refurbish bicycles, which he takes to West Virginia to help needy kids.  Sylvia enjoys cooking in her kitchen and preparing country meals and “keeping the home front going,” Darlene says.   Their current getaway is their second home in Beaufort.

Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary to Clifton and Sylvia Woodruff of Selma.